Lab-Grown Diamond


Lab grow diamonds are genuine diamonds that have exactly the same chemical and material properties as natural diamonds. It is possible to grow real diamonds by reproducing the environment where natural diamonds grow inside the earth in facilities on the earth. It's like the difference between a wild flower and a house-grown flower, both of which are real flowers. Similarly, both natural and lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds.


It is the same carbon crystal and has the same hardness and brightness.

This diamond has the merit of being environmentally friendly, not related to conflict, and being a sustainable source for the next generation.

Orchids are elegant flowers that grow across almost all continents. With the right environment and settings, Orchids do grow in Greenhouses too. Just because these Orchids grew in Greenhouses and not in Amazon rainforests, it does not make them artificial, synthetic or fake. The same is true for Lab-grown Diamonds. Similar to a greenhouse, a diamond grows from a "Diamond Seed" (Carbon Source) and the diamond growth process replicates what occurs naturally, creating a rare, beautiful and sustainable product. The greenhouses, which grow diamonds, are also known as "Diamond Growing Greenhouses".


Lab-grown Diamonds are as a real as a Earth-mined Diamonds are.

By virtue of being cultured within greenhouses under controlled conditions, Lab-Grown Diamonds have a relatively smaller footprint as compared to excavating tons of soil to extract diamonds from mines. 

Lab-Grown Diamonds bring a new choice for all of the diamond industry and its consumers — as they are origin-guaranteed, an important criterion for many retail consumers today. Lab-Grown Diamonds also promise human & social sustainability since the diamonds are grown inside greenhouses which are semiconductor grade facilities designed to safeguard its employees. 

Diamonds fall under several different “Types” of which Type IIa is the rarest. Only 2% of the world’s Earth-mined Diamonds are Type IIa, while 100% of Gem-Quality Colorless Lab-grown Diamonds are intrinsically of this type.


This puts Lab-grown diamonds in the same line as the famed Golconda diamonds, the Cullinan, the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond, and the Koh-i-noor diamond.


It is well known that the luster and brilliance of a Type IIa diamond, due to its intrinsic purity, is far higher than other diamond Types.