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About us

​Co., Ltd.

Pioneer of Diamonds in JAPAN

Pure Diamond Co., Ltd. is a wholesale company that specializes in lab-grown diamonds, based on deep knowledge of the natural diamond business.

As a diamond professional, we handle lab-grown diamonds with confidence, based on our predecessor concern's experience and knowledge of the natural diamond business spanning more than half a century, and cutting-edge knowledge gained through partnerships with diamond technology companies and international diamond research institutes.

Pure Diamond Co., Ltd. was established in 2016, when the term of "lab-grown diamonds" did not yet exist in Japan market, and there were no companies or brands that deal with it.

Lab-grown diamonds are genuine diamonds that are physically and chemically identical to natural diamonds, and are socially clean and “pure” diamonds that are not involved in conflicts or slave labor. In addition, it is a great attraction that materials equivalent to natural diamonds can be obtained at a much lower price. For example, we can offer 1ct size diamonds, which many people dream of, at an affordable price, and expand the appeal of diamond jewelry.

​We provide new business opportunities to many companies by enlightening the correct knowledge and appeal of lab-grown diamonds and building a proper market for lab-grown diamonds in Japan. And we believe that it is our mission to let the final consumers know the advantage.

Our Business

As a company specializing in lab-grown diamonds, we propose products and optimal business strategies that meet the needs of each client, and provide total support from introduction to growth strategies.


diamond supply

​We will provide lab-grown diamonds in the quality and size that meet your needs in the most suitable way.

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We conduct seminars and educational programs on lab-grown diamonds and diamonds in general, tailored to our clients.


industrial diamonds

High-quality products for industrial use, such as diamond anvils, with high precision using lab-grown diamonds.


brand development

We offer a one-stop solution for lab-grown diamond jewelry brand development, production, and deployment.



​We accept commissioned production (OEM) of lab-grown diamond jewelry as a set of diamonds and frames.




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With our experience and network in the lab-grown diamond and natural diamond industry, we will help you build your business.


jewelry supply

We offer our off-the-shelf lab-grown diamond jewelry. This is a variety of jewelry designed by our company, who knows all about the charm of lab-grown diamonds.

Corporate Profil

Company name : Pure Diamond Co., Ltd.

Business :

Import and wholesale of lab-grown diamonds

Wholesale Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry

Diamond business consulting

Providing education about diamonds

Supply of technology related to identification

brand development

Representative Director : Takuya Ito

Established December 26, 2016

Capital JPY 38,500,000

Location : 3-18-5, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

​Phone number +81 3 3836 6151


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